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    Lacco have tight shipment schedules and understand our customer need common logistics headaches facing trade fair organizers, show promoters and exhibitors. Lacco understand these challenges.

    In fact, our experts have deploy dedicated resources to each event including global exhibition management and take care systems, along with to specialized handling and multimodal transportation capabilities all in one order to customers

    Lacco experts are positioned on worldwide service personalized and official. We coordinate every aspect of shipments, including delivery from countries of origin to exhibition, handling exhibition goods on booth, and returning shipments to their originating locations upon show closings.

    In addition to personalized solutions, we offer tailor-made service packages for Exhibitions, Events, Fine Arts. We also offer the finest in Venue Logistics solutions and Relocation Services.

    We are proud to be best choice of customer for major trade fairs, exhibitions and events around the world.

    Maritime transport

    • LACCO links with partners is the leading shipping company: Maersk, MOL, MSC, HANJIN, WANHAI, CHINA SHIPPING, P & O, NAMSUNG, …. connect with a network of agents worldwide NVOCC, LACCO ensure adequate services with high quality throughout. We can manage common commodities: dry cargo (FCL, LCL), temperature controlled cargo, project cargo, breakbulk, oversized overload, super weight, personal luggage effective …
    • With a network of agents, we preserve your freight not only on sea but also provide services, consolidation combines multiple modes of transport and related services, LACCO has quickly grew establish worldwide networks. LACCO process thousands of shipments inbound / outbound through major ports in Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Hanoi and Da Nang from / to various destinations.
    • Whenever you want to receive, send LCL (LCL) or full container shipment (FCL) in anywhere, from any location worldwide.
    • Services provided:
     + Ocean freight services (import and export)
     + Consolidation / Services Consolidation and Share Retail Vietnam travel from all over the world
     + Imports of services
     + Provides marine services to the door and unloading at home
     + Insurance Services Cargo


    • LACCO provides trucking, forwarding services, electronic declarations for customs formalities export procedures, import, LACCO is the optimal choice for your guests.
    • LACCO also specializes truking in exhibition and project cargo handling for shipments to the tight schedule.
    • In addition, advisory services solution package for the whole process of delivery is one of the strong points and has made a name LACCO forwarding market supply of goods.
    • The trucking services provided LACCO:
                                             + Exhibition and closed, discharging project cargo handling
                                             + Customs brokerage and customs clearance process electronic
                                             + Service delivery home delivery
                                             + Please procedures, licensing consultants specialized portfolio
                                             + Archive storage of cargoes and tallying distribution agent as designated
                                             + Move personal luggage, hoop-packed service
                                             + Services bonded warehouse

    Air Freight

    •Lacco specializes in providing air freight services. LACCO has a close relationship with the world’s leading airlines allowing Lacco to offer a range of international air freight services to major international airports.
    • For more options for our customers, LACCO offers you an efficient solution: combined shipping and air freight through regional centers: SINGAPORE, HONGKONG, BANGKOK, with transit times DUBAI is no longer by air so customers can save money when enjoying fast transit times. Airline transportation services are provided:
    + Airport transportation through the airlines: VN, China, France, Malaysia, Eva, ….
    + Door-to-door service provider
    + Sea / air transportation
    + Express delivery services (documents, samples, merchandise trade) through international service: TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS, ….
    + Merchandise (export) and disinfection (import)
    + Customs procedures and handling of local services

    Customs clearance

    LACCO provider of professional customs declaration for all types:
    - Export / Import Business
    - Export / Import of non-commercial
    - Temporary import for re-export / re-import Temporary export
    - Import / Export processing
    - Import / export production of exported goods
    - Enter the taxpayer investment
    - Enter and creation of fixed assets
    - Enter the exhibition / luggage
    - Import and export processing zones / export processing enterprises
    - Customers enter service Security trustees, QP …


    - Haiphong harbor
    - Noi Bai International Airport
    - Border Friendship – LangSon

    - Cau Treo international border gate – Ha Tinh
    - ICD My Dinh, Gia Lam, Tien Son
    - Warehouse Gia Lam
    - Noi Bai DHL
    - Fedex Hanoi

    - Customs Branch North Thang Long, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Vinh Phuc, Ha Nam, Nam Dinh …
    - Industrial parks: Thang Long, Tu Liem, Khai Quang, Quang Minh, Que Vo, Tien Son, Dinh Tram, Pho Noi A, B, Vietnam Hung, Tu Liem …

    LACCO is the leading company in the field of customs declaration, help customers save time, cost and timely delivery.

    Project Cargo

    Lacco expert project forwarding on industries related to Oil, Gas & Energy, Power Generation, Mining and Infrastructure projects.
    We offer our clients, support services from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start up.
    Lacco projects are generally managed as follows:
    Create a mutually acceptable project team designed to most effectively handle a client’s requirements; including an international team if required
    Undertake feasibility and engineering studies for heavy-lift, oversize or hight dimensional
    We perform route surveys to ensure that the best concepts for the project as they relate to cost, performance and safety, are proposed, implemented and realized
    Perform risk assessments to ensure that all planned (and unplanned) factors are considered and potential risks are identified
    Discuss in advance for the intended operations
    Ensure operational excellence during the execution of the project
    Follow up and review of all operations throughout of a project, and take corrective action, if and when required.

    Oversize, Overload Cargo

    Lacco Logistics., JSC specialize in super-sized and super critical domestic and international. With over 5 years of professional experience we have successfully received shipping, fast and safe types of super-heavy construction machinery by means of modern technology and expert team of experienced, understanding Superb terrain transport from road to sea.

    We specialize in container shipping service receive flat rack, cargoes, oversized dimensions:

    - Machines, materials, equipment, prefabricated structures … nationwide.

    - Construction machinery, construction machine types: excavators, bulldozers, rollers, graders, …

    - Moving pile drilling machine, crawler cranes machine …. (Types, sizes)

    - Transportation equipment projects hydropower plants, thermal power plants have oversized structural devices beyond the size allowed.

    - Transportation of goods exceeds the width, length, height, large tonnage.

    - Structural super weight in the industrial production line.

    - Precast concrete constructions and steel structures.

    - The type of steel beams, steel plates, wire rods, metal casting products in large quantities.

    - Coordinate assembly, relocation of industrial buildings.

    We build how it works in order to “determine in delivery Standards – fast in shipping – Effective with various modes of transportation – reasonable price” to satisfy the most demanding of you.

    Warehouse Services

    • Lacco has had a long proudly tradition about warehousing . Having a spacious system of warehouses, we are able to satisfy your requirement about warehousing of various kinds of goods: from small consignments to big ones, from breakbulk cargoes to heavy machinery equippment.  
    •  Located at convenience place with nearby Haiphong Port, Ha Noi and quick access to the city center
    • One round-the-clock working schedule
    • Warehouse system and stored cargoes spector inspector network are fully covered by insurance against fire, explosion and other risks
    • Equipped by good lighting/fire-extinguishing and ventilation system, Lacco warehouse system is the best location where the customers can rely to store their goods.
    • Lacco accepts storage booking with various modalities such as:

    + Ton / Month

    + Square meter / Month

    + Container / Day : unloading cargo from container and storage

    + Whole warehouse rental : the cargo to be under the renters control and seals, the nominate supply chain management

    Other services

    Lacco specialist project cargo forwarding in industries related to Gas, Oil & Energy, Power Plant, mining and infrastructure projects.
    We offer our customers, the support services from the planning phase to the original plan and budget to the final stages of delivery.
    Project management Lacco usually as follows:
    Building a project team by two benhoac plurilateral agreement designed to most effectively handle customer requirements, including an international group if required
    Perform feasibility and technical studies, heavy, oversized or height
    We conduct surveys to ensure that route the best concept for projects related to performance, cost and safety, proposed, implemented.
    Perform a risk assessment to ensure that all elements of the plan (and outlined the problem is not in the plan) is considered a potential risk are identified
    Discussion prior to the intended operation
    Ensure the integrity of the excellent work during the project implementation
    Monitoring and review of all the activities of a project throughout, and corrective actions if and when necessary.