Hanoi ban on online auto-Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay after 2/9 days

The ban on moving cars on road, Cau Giay, Xuan Thuy to serve the construction of terminal piers 6.7 will be officially implemented after 2/9 days.

In the morning of 27/8, Nguyen Xuan Tan – Deputy Director of the Hanoi Transport said: The implementation of the ban on the 2 cars moving on the route will be officially implemented after 2/9 days.

Accordingly, all types of cars (except for priority vehicles ambulances, buses) will have to move in the direction of movement was calculated and specific guidance plates to reduce congestion in service load abutment structures constructed under the project of 6.7 urban rail Nhon-Hanoi Railway Station. Time forbidden line will extend to the end 28/11.

The Department of Transportation Hanoi also provides specific guidance for the circulation means during this ban. Vietnamese & nbsp;

Specifically, user-Mai Dich, Cau Giay vehicles will be directed to move towards Chua Ha-Tran Dang Ninh-Nguyen Phong Sac-Tran Thai Tong-DTU-Pham Hung or Temple Ha-Tran Dang Ninh Quoc Hoan ceiling-Pham Van Dong.

Moving backwards Pham Hung-Cau Giay will move towards Pham Hung-DTU (Duong Dinh Nghe) -Thai Tong-Nguyen Khanh Toan Cau Giay-line or direction Grapefruit-Pham Van Dong-Hoang Quoc Vietnam Grapefruit-Cau Giay road.

When making this decision, the relevant units will be conducting barrier construction, construction signs, as well as the support from the traffic police force in the province until the end of time provisions.

As noted by reporter & nbsp; Vietnam + & nbsp; in the morning, 27/8, a series of sea guide traffic for vehicles was erected at intersections important.

Sea guide the vehicle was built up at important intersections. (Photo: Vo Phuong / Vietnam +)

Sea instructed on the streets key. (Photo: Vo Phuong / Vietnam +)

The automotive media will ban active in Cau Giay street, Xuan Thuy from 2/9. (Photo: Vo Phuong / Vietnam +)